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Rosé Veal in the UK

Production of Rosé Veal in the UK

There is a growing demand for Rosé Veal in the UK and Europe, we have new exciting opportunity to satisfy this demand in tandem.

There are a number of different Rosé Veal production schemes which can be tailored to help match your needs. Adam Buitelaar, who has extensive knowledge of veal production, meat processing and marketing, is convinced that Rosé Veal production could be a very interesting alternative outlet for Friesian/Holstein bulls.

Buitelaar Farms supply all the calves to this system at 14 days of age. They are sourced directly from Dairy farms. The calves are then raised to 10/11 months of age on family farms. The calves are carefully tended in a animal friendly, welfare sensitive environment. They are fed on a cereal based diet to produce a light, pink coloured meat. They have pleasant housing with good ventilation and freedom to move around as they wish.

This all comes together in a final product, Rosé Veal, which offers the chef in the restaurant and in the home the oppurtunity to produce a wide array of flavoursome dishes from tender fillet to tasty dishes like Italian Osso Bucco, (shank of veal).

We are constantly recruiting new rearers and finishing units as partners for the expanding market that we have for Rosé Veal.

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